Saladdin Al-Ayubi: Righreousness Of The Faith

by Abdul Latip bin Talib

PTS Media Group Sdn Bhd

RM 17.51

The world has known of Salahudin Al Ayubi’s name since the Second Crusade. It was a time when the Crusaders who conquered Baitulmaqdis wanted to expand their reign upon the divided Islamic nations. Rising up to protect the Islamic nations was Sultan Salahudin Al Ayubi. He successfully unified the broken nations and assembled a massive Muslim military of high calibre and discipline. United and strong, they successfully kept the Crusaders at bay and halted their invasion, returning Baitulmaqdis back into the hands of Islamic rulers. Yet, it did not end happily there. The European Crusades, led by King Richard of the Lionheart, thirsted for revenge. Under the King’s orders, they quickly executed their next move. The armies of the era’s two great kings struck swords. Emerging victorious from the clash of the kings was none other than Sultan Salahudin, who firmly held his reign over Baitulmaqdis. The city remained under Islamic rule until World War 2, where it fell to British occupation and into Christian hands as Jerusalem.

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